Importing premium, desirable global brands and products from around the world into the Japanese market

Since its founding, Ueni Trading Company Limited has been bringing desirable, premium imported brand goods to retailers throughout Japan as a national brand importer and official brand agent.
We specialize in providing well-known, design- and quality-focused, premium international brands, and our diverse product categories include bags, wallets and purses, cosmetics, accessories, fragrances, watches, shoes and contact lenses.



    Our premium and luxury watch business includes:

    • Import brand wholesaling
    • Original brand development
    • The manufacturing and wholesale of our licensed brands
    • Serving as the official Japanese agent for premium, luxury and classic watch brands

    We hold a high market share and maintain an exceptional reputation with our partners, clients and customers. Our success and achievements have been made possible through extensive partnerships with preeminent European and American brands, which we have developed and maintained for over 30 years. As is the case in our other business sectors, our international reputation as a trustworthy partner, committed to providing value and service, has allowed us to expand our opportunities and become the official Japanese agent for these international brands.



    Our premium fashion and accessories business includes:

    • Import brand wholesaling
    • Original brand development
    • The manufacture and wholesale of our licensed brands
    • Being the official Japanese agent for international fashion brands

    In addition, as we have a high market share in the brand goods
    import market and act as the official Japanese agent for a number of exclusive international brands we feel privileged and excited to provide a variety of desirable, high quality goods from premium international brands to eager consumers in the Japanese market.



    Our cosmetic, skincare and fragrance business includes:

    • Import brand wholesaling
    • Being the official Japanese agent for prominent, international cosmetics and fragrance brands

    We are proud of our reputation with retailers in this sector as a reliable, committed business partner known for providing a stable and consistent supply of premium brands and products while providing value to our clients and end-users through competitive marketing strategies.


Reaching across the country, our sales channels with
leading Japanese distribution companies are built on trust

At Ueni Trading, we have over the years maintained a constant and reliable delivery of a wide range of goods to our clients in the distribution industry. Our sales promotion know-how, coupled with our sincere commitment to our customers are but two of the many reasons why over 800 prominent companies in the Japanese distribution trust us. Today our goods can be found in over 8,000 stores nationwide.

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