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INFO 2018.05.17

Grand opening of Japan's first retail store by PREMIATA

20180517_1.jpgUeni Trading Co,.Ltd. Celebrate the Grand opening of a PREMIATA retail store at GINZA on May 26,2018. We hold the talk show with a stylish dresser, give a complimentary gift to the customer and help them enjoy shopping with a relaxed atmosphere.

20180517_2.jpgPREMIATA sneakers are real objects that melt cutting-edge design and minimalist expression. Each model comes with only one purpose: combine the PREMIATA taste to the best technical characteristics of sports shoes, among all the lightness. The craftsmanship of the original "handmade" has evolved over time with the use of modern technologies. One thing has not changed and is the research on the " Made in Italy" quality. Designing new ways is the result of a creative soul that gives more value to its visions than to the reasons of the Market. It is this creative expression that makes PREMIATA unique and hard to classify.


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