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INFO 2021.10.12

Trending on TV! Online shop now accepting pre-orders for "MY ROUTINE TIROL CHOCO coffee nougat flavor protein."

Ueni Trading Company Ltd. (Head office: Taito Ward, Tokyo. Representative Director: Masahiro Miayagami), which has been strengthening its healthcare division with innovative products such as protein and sports supplements, released "TIROL CHOCO coffee nougat flavor protein," a new product created through a collaboration with TIROL CHOCO Co., Ltd. (President: Yuji Matsuo) and its long selling "TIROL CHOCO Coffee Nougat." This product has been attracting lots of attention and has been introduced on TV. Pre-sales are currently being accepted on the special online shop and videos introducing the product can be viewed on the web. Starting on September 22 (Wed.), the product will be available at select supermarkets, electronics stores, and sports stores across the country.

マイルーティーン チロルチョコ コーヒーヌガー風味プロテイン
MY ROUTINE TIROL CHOCO coffee nougat flavor protein

  • Development background
Increasing awareness on protein

Protein is an important nutrient for building the body and is not only necessary for strength trainers but also for health and beauty. To increase awareness, we created a variety of products to attract people who don't usually take protein, thus leading to the "variety protein" genre. The second product in the series is a collaboration with TIROL CHOCO coffee nougat, a long-selling product released in 1979 by TIROL CHOCO Co.

The new MY ROUTINE TIROL CHOCO coffee nougat flavor protein recreates the flavor of the long-selling TIROL CHOCO coffee nougat while allowing customers to drink the protein as a snack or as a reward after a workout.

Trending and introduced on TV!

This product has been highly anticipated by customers even before its release and has been introduced on TV.

The product has been available on the online store with many orders received to date. Many customers have bought shakers with the product, and although unproven, we believe they are first-time protein buyers. We believe that if people who are not interested in protein can start taking protein with this product, it will lead to further expansion of the protein market.

  • Product characteristics
TIROL CHOCO for your kids and TIROL CHOCO Protein for your muscles
The bittersweet, moist and sweet taste of TIROL CHOCO coffee nougat is recreated in "MY ROUTINE TIROL CHOCO coffee nougat flavor protein" and is recommended for those on a diet and those who are training. The protein can be enjoyed as a snack while on a diet, or as a protein with a piece of TIROL CHOCO after a hard workout.

POINT 1: Recreating the coffee nougat flavor

We have reproduced the bittersweet taste and moist sweetness of TIROL CHOCO coffee nougat by blending carefully selected coffee (light roasted coffee powder).

POINT 2: Carefully selected low-fat cocoa powder

We created a product enjoyable by those who work out by carefully selecting cocoa powder rich in flavor but low in fat

POINT 3: Contains 11 vitamins

This product also contains 11 vitamins, which are great for maintaining health on a daily basis, making it easy to replenish vitamins along with protein.

  • Product videos now available

TIROL CHOCO Protein is for everyone!


Patience isn't the only way to lose weight

Videos introducing the product are available on YouTube and the special website. The videos introduce the product and are designed to convey the taste and appeal of TIROL CHOCO Protein while increasing awareness to those who have never tried protein.

Once the product launches, the videos will be played in stores to get the attention of many onlookers.

MY ROUTINE TIROL CHOCO coffee nougat flavor protein special website
  • What is TIROL CHOCO coffee nougat?

There are over 400 types of TIROL CHOCO!

More than 400 types of TIROL CHOCO have been released in the past 50 years, with over 600 million pieces produced annually. Among them, "TIROL CHOCO coffee nougat" is a long-selling product that was first released in 1979. The design of the product, which has remained almost unchanged to this day, involves the use of a colorful TIROL CHOCO logo on the chocolate-colored wrapping paper. Many flavors and variations have been created, but this is the original square TIROL CHOCO.

  • Product overview

マイルーティーン チロルチョコ コーヒーヌガー風味プロテイン
MY ROUTINE TIROL CHOCO coffee nougat flavor protein

■ Product name: MY ROUTINE TIROL CHOCO coffee nougat flavor protein
■ Contents: 700g
■ Price: JPY 3,780 (tax included)
■ Launch dates and areas available: U.HEALTH&BEAUTY ONLINE and starting on September 22 (Wed.), in select supermarkets, electronics stores, and sports stores across the country.
■ Sold by: Ueni Trading Company Ltd.

  • Brand concept

Move. Walk. Run. Work. Laugh. Cry. Eat.

Verbs are integral to our daily lives. Moving the heart and mind, in other words, living, is the meaning of sports.

MY ROUTINE is a brand that supports your health in your daily life, and encourages you to have a more positive and fulfilling life as part of your routine.

MY ROUTINE brand website
  • Product lineup

With a focus on protein and innovative product development like collaborative products, the lineup has expanded to include sports supplements and curry with high protein content.

(左から)パワーチョコレート風味 ストイックバニラ風味 マッスルストロベリー風味 ストロングバナナ風味

(From left) Power chocolate flavor, stoic vanilla flavor, muscle strawberry flavor, strong banana flavor.

MY ROUTINE MAX contains more than 25g of protein per serving with a maximum intake of 26.8g. (The amount depends on the flavor.)

This product supports you in building the strength and body you need to overcome challenges and improve yourself to achieve the body you want.
Made with 100% whey protein (WPC) for fast absorption and 1,000mg of HMB per bag to increase protein efficiency. Contains 11 vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin, pantothenic acid Ca, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin D, and vitamin B12), so that the recommended daily intake of various vitamins can be obtained in 3 servings per day.

*Contains glutamic acid

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